If you encounter hardware issues like monitor, system unit or UPS.

a) If your monitor is not displaying any output check the cable and the power cable if it correctly plug in.

b) If your system unit (CPU) is not turning on or no power please check the cable.

c) If your UPS unit is beeping several times, check the power is that connected on it.

d) If your keyboard or mouse is not working, check the cable if its correctly plug-in / or try it to another computer if its working properly.

e) If your system unit (CPU) is beeping several times please contact tech support VoIP number 3532

If any of this condition is not on mention please contact our RICTU Servicedesk to assist you.

for resetting your password in DENR account

there is 2 way to reset your password

1. Press Ctrl + alt + Delete , there should be a pop-up menu . chose change password .

2. Just simply call ICT Helpdesk to reset your password either to default password / your desire password.

Please take note that the password requirement should combination of letter and number alphanumeric and should have at least one uppercase(capital letter) and minimum of 8 characters.


1. Turn ON your laptop.

2. Connect the video cable (usually VGA or HDMI) from your laptop’s external video port to the projector. Depending on your laptop model, you may need an adapter to connect, for example, from the HDMI port on your laptop to the VGA port on the projector.

3. Plug in the projector into an electrical outlet and press the power button to turn it ON.

4. If you are using VGA and need audio for your presentation, connect the laptop’s audio out port to the projector. To use a different sound system, you will need to use an audio cable no matter what cable you use to connect the laptop and projector.

5. Your laptop should automatically detect the projector.

Press the Windows key + P to quickly switch through the different display modes. Duplicate is the most common mode and projects exactly what is shown on your laptop screen. (Note: Depending on your computer, you may have to use a different shortcut than listed above. You can always open the display settings from the start menu.)

6. If your laptop doesn’t automatically see the projector, you may be able to go to your device’s Display Settings and prompt it to Detect displays. If your projector still doesn’t show up, check your cables and connections.